Technical Information for Speakers

General notes on presentation preparation & technical preparation

  • Accepted presentation formats are PowerPoint and PDF. Not accepted formats are e.g. Apple Keynote etc.
  • The presentation formatis 16:9.
  • Microsoft Office 365 on MS Windows 10 computers will be used during the congress.
  • If your presentation slides contain videos, embed them in the pptx presentation (linked videos are not recommended!). Common video formats are supported (preferred *.mov / *.mp4).
  • In order to avoid problems with the display of fonts, the use of the following widely spread fonts is recommended: Arial, Courier, Courier New, Geneva, Georgia, Helvetica, Times, Times New Roman. Presentations that use non-standard Windows 10 or Office 365 fonts should be saved with the “embedded fonts” option.
  • Please ensure sufficient size for texts, diagrams, illustrations, etc.
  • Presentations must be uploaded via a presentation upload portal before being used for the face-to-face congress. There are personalised links for this purpose which will be sent to you by e-mail 1 week before the event date.
  • There are no size limits for file uploads, but please note that large amounts of data may take some time to upload.
  • Please ensure that you check your presentation for spelling or other errors before uploading it to the presentation portal.
  • Presented content will be made available as a stream during the event. Please take this fact into account when structuring the content of your presentation.

For presentations on-site…

… please upload the final version of your presentation via the presentation portal at least 24 hours before the session starts.

… you can view your uploaded presentation again in the speaker ready room. Please allow sufficient time for this. The opening hours are:

  • Thursday, 28 April 2022:      17:00-19:00
  • Friday, 29 April 20220:         07:15-19:00
  • Saturday, 30 April 2022:       07:15-18:00
  • Sunday, 1 May 2022:             07:15-18:00
  • Monday, 2 May 2022:           08:00-13:00

… please take into account that, in order to avoid large crowds, an on-site upload can only be carried out in exceptional cases.

… the use of own laptops for presentation is not permitted.


EPNS Congress Office